Is There a Walmart Store in Santa Barbara?

My husband’s former boss’s mother and father came to Santa Barbara awhile back, and apparently they forgot to bring some essentials with them. My husband overheard the father asking his daughter, “Do you guys have a Walmart?”

I suppose that would seem like a fair enough question. Walmart is everywhere in the USA, right?

Everywhere, apparently, except Santa Barbara. So, if you think you’ll need something from Walmart, you better buy it ahead of time, pack it in your suitcase, and bring it along with you.

Santa Barbara also does not have a Target store.

However, there is a Kmart store in nearby Goleta, California.

Kmart Contact Information for the Goleta, California Store:

  • Store Telephone Number: (805) 968-4462
  • Pharmacy Telephone Number: (805) 968-1633
  • Address: 6865 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117
  • Discount Shopping in Santa Barbara:

    Santa Barbara is not really the best place to go for discount shopping. Santa Barbara is an upscale area, and significant numbers of the local retailers cater to the “spendy” crowd.

    Still, there are some opportunities to buy affordable clothing and housewares in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas, if you know where to look.

    Cheap Clothes in Santa Barbara: If you insist on buying cheap clothes, you could try either the Marshall’s store or the Ross store.

    The Old Navy store on State Street also has affordable t-shirts, shorts, casual clothes and basics.

    You could also try the Costco store in Goleta, assuming you’re either a Costco member or willing to pay for a store membership.

    If you’re willing to travel even further outside of Santa Barbara, there’s outlet shopping in Camarillo you might want to check out.